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Nimue VIP Club Membership

We understand that it’s not only an investment of time switching to Nimue, but a financial investment too. Our starter kits at £55 are a fantastic way of getting started with Nimue, however, these only last 4-5 weeks and it can be expensive purchasing all your Nimue products in one go.  Not only that, but in order to gain optimum results, we want to provide you with the best possible professional skin treatments tailored to target your individual skin concerns.

That is why we have put together a 2-tiered package specifically for our Nimue VIP’s. The idea is to help you spread the cost of your Nimue skincare and professional treatments, completely interest free. Not only this, but by joining this exclusive club, you are also saving £££’s and will receive exclusive invitations to all our VIP events.

Products are not limited to the core range either so, perhaps you’ve been craving to try out one of our booster serums, maybe a mask or an anti-ageing eye cream - this is your opportunity to do so and, best of all, you will still be paying the same every month.

Perhaps you are already using the homecare, but the next step into having regular salon skin treatments seems a little expensive. Not any more……

Nimue VIP ~ £99 per month​

Collect your Nimue Homecare products whenever you need them (monthly cap £150)

Choose from the core range for your skin classification

Add in a booster whenever your skin needs it (seasonal changes etc.)

Add in an eye treatment

Product value capped at £650 p.a.

Receive a course of 10 monthly Active Rejuvenation 15% bio Active skin peel treatment (excludes Superfluids but this can be added in for an extra £10 per treatment). 

Nimue Gold VIP ~ £125 per month

Nimue Homecare products to suit your skin classification as with Nimue VIP Club (Product value capped at £700 p.a.)


Receive a course of 6 micro-needling treatments including Superfluids for complete customisation (treatments must take place every 4 weeks to maintain treatment efficacy)

Receive 4 Active Rejuvenation 15% bio Active skin peel treatments (excludes Superfluids but this can be added in for an extra £10 per treatment) – Bio Active treatments can be taken 2 weeks after each micro-needling treatment and/or at the end of the course of micro-needling treatments.